Green Houses

Agro United Engineering specialized in supplying and installing of greenhouses, and executing agriculture projects all over the world, either way delivered ready for use or in any other manner consistent with the requirements of the customer.

The project includes the establishment of engineering planning and construction of greenhouse and nursery building and equipment to take care of small plants also building facilities for packing in preparation for the crops to be shipped.

To achieve the best result in our project we also provide our customer’s all the advice and counseling they need all through project planning duration.

Agro United Engineering unique global-local approach to greenhouse TKP is based on the knowhow of our local agronomic experts around the globe.

It allows us to work hand in hand with you not only during the greenhouse project but afterward.

About Equipment We Supply:

Cover Material

Plastic film, double plastic layer, polycarbonate, cellular polycarbonate, metallic sheet, sandwich panel.

Anti-Insect Mesh

Plastic film, double plastic layer, polycarbonate, cellular polycarbonate, metallic sheet, sandwich panel.



Ventilation is one of the most important components in a successful greenhouse, specially in hot and humid tropical climate condition.

If there is no proper ventilation, greenhouses and their growing plants can become prone to problems. The main purposes of ventilation are to regulate the temperature, humidity and vapor pressure deficit to the optimal level, and to ensure movement of air and thus prevent build-up of plant pathogens (such as Botrytis cinerea) that prefer still air conditions. Ventilation also ensures a supply of fresh air for photosynthesis and plant respiration, and may enable important pollinators to access the greenhouse crop. Ventilation can be achieved via use of vents – often controlled automatically via a computer – and recirculation fans.

Optimal microclimate on crop level In modern greenhouses ventilation plays a vital role. Through circulation of air, heat distribution in the greenhouses is optimized, which enhances a uniform development of the crops. With the fan we supply, its offers the grower the opportunity to reduce the negative impacts, due to humidity, in a simple and energy efficient way. The vertical airflow results in an optimal uniform microclimate on plant level.

Why Chose this Fan:

  • Creates an active microclimate on crop level
  • Results an uniform climate in greenhouses
  • Controls the humidity level
  • Constant low airspeed at crop level
  • Reduces the energy costs through vertical airflow
  • 3-year warranty

Horizontal ventilation solutions for Greenhouses:

For greenhouses with large temperature/humidity variation, we have a horizontal circulation fan available for a more uniform indoor climate. This horizontal circulation fan mixes the air faster compared with the V-FloFan, but has less effect at root level. The V-FloFan and circulation fan are not suitable to use together.

Please, contact our Vostermans Ventilation team for technical details about the circulation 40 cm or 50 cm fan.


  • Special aerodynamic shaped conical outlet for optimal vertical airflow
  • It’s applicable for several cultivation systems and crops
  • Reflecting white color for usage in greenhouses
  • IP55 motor (water and dust resistant)
  • Low noice (45/47 dB at 7 meters)

Humidification Systems

Air-fog, low pressure humidification.

Cooling System


Heating is one of the most valuable in the operation of greenhouses across the globe, especially in colder climates.Agro united engineering supply wide range of greenhouse heaterswith low operating cost:


Gas-fired unit heaters offer another option where infrared heating is not practical due to ceiling heights, clearances to combustibles or building use.


  • BTU range of 100,000 to 250,000. Traditional profile design with durable, powder-coated black enamel.
  • Aluminized steel tubular heat exchangers.
    Stainless steel discharge louvers.
  • Swept wing air propeller, for noise reduction..
  • Approved separated combustion can be field converted to power vented without additional parts or cost.


Gas heater are very efficient direct fired units. Due to their clean burning, all the heat can be sent directly into the greenhouse.


  • No need to use a chimney or exhaust stack. Because of this they are 99% fuel efficient.
  • The largest unit available has a capacity of 440,000 BTU. Because there is minimal heat loss, less units will be needed to heat your greenhouse.
  • The heater has an air throw of 150 ft,
    economical and clean operation. CO2 enrichment is an added featureto the Heaters


Agro Supply revolutionary software module that allows you to create your own custom controls for the computer, without any help from us . This means you can get even more out of your Climate controller and achieve even better growing results. Together with your crop consultant, you may come up with new ideas for maximizing crop production. In some cases, this requires adjustments to the control process that cannot be made with the available functionality. These control adjustments often require the input of additional system data that is corrected for multiple factors. To implement such changes, the new Climate controller we supply module includes the following features:

  • My Influences – for defining your own custom influences.
  • My Variables -for creating custom readouts for various applications.

My Influences

Settings such as the ventilation setpoint are influenced by factors such as the radiation intensity (sunlight) and humidity level.
An influence adjusts a setpoint based on a measured value.
This allows the pre-programmed setting to be adjusted automatically based on changes in the ambient conditions. The Climate controller ‘standard’ influences can be used to fine-tune climate or irrigation control to your specific situation. our climate controller allows you to define your own custom influences that adjust graphical settings as you desire. With the My Influences feature, you are free to select which value should influence which setting. These custom influences can be based on standard readouts or even on pre-defined custom variables from the My Variables feature.

My Variables

Our controller software registers an enormous amount of data. The system displays readouts of all measured and calculated values. However, there may be situations where the available readouts or calculations do not meet your needs. This may be the case, for example, if you want to examine the correlations between readouts, or combine or edit certain values. It is also possible that your crop consultant asks you for information that is normally not available in the system, but can be determined from other data. The ‘My Variables’ feature allows you to create your own custom readouts that can be displayed in Synopta. There are various options for defining these custom variables:

  • A variable based on a formula.
  • Statistical variables. These include moving averages, minimum and maximum values, etc.
  • A combination of a formula and statistical variable. These new variables are easy to create. After defining custom variables, you can use them in graphs, tables and influences – just like other variables.

Co2 System

Irrigaiton System

Disinfection And Drainage Recirculation




Hooks, clips, sticky traps, nurseries trays

Nurseries Equipment

Sowing machines, germination chambers, trays carts, trays supports, cultivation trays.