1.1-Broiler Equipments

Pan Feeding System:

  • Reliable and simply designed.
  • Enhances performance.
  • Assuring high feeding efficiency.
  • Reduce OPEX and fast RO

It’s Features

  • The spiral feeding line is complete with stainless steel drives units.
  • Stainless steel load hopper with electronic limit switch.
  • Stainless steel Intermediate limit switch positioned over the pan.
  • A special dispensing system which avoids wasting any feed.
  • Our pan is made of special tough and version plastic.
  • It is impact-proof & extremely resistant for the cleaning products.
  • The pan is easy to mount, dismount and clean.
  • The control of feed level is so easy for each single pan and the feed is evenly dist

1.2-Breeder Equipment

Chain Feeding System

Our chain feeding system is designed to ensure the excellent feed flow then even feed distribution and same feed access for all birds. More egg production and the best feed conversion will be attained with our system.

Robust and durable system due to the highest quality of materials, while as for the operation efficiency will be to the highest level based on a unique design and technical features.

It’s Features

  • Stainless steel drive units for our chain conveyor complete with gear motor.
  • Reinforced-fiberglass casing that completely encloses the drive unit.
  • Loading hopper with spiral actuated by chain.
  • Stainless steel load hopper with cover and reinforced fiberglass silo connection.
  • Corners 90° both aluminum and plastic.
  • Electrical board for automatic control of the equipment.

1.3-Cage system

Rearing system which gives layers the optimal start in the conventional cage system

Production cage system for optimal laying performance.

  • Egg collection system
  • Control panel for feeding system
  • Control panel for egg system
  • Control panel for light system
  • Central manure removal and cleaning system
  • Egg cross conveyor
  • Service trolleys
  • Lighting system
  • Manure cross conveyor
  • Main water supply accessories
  • Feed auger
  • Silo
  • Feed weighing system
  • Ventilation and control system

1.4-Drinking System

  • A complete watering system.
  • Providing for large healthy birds and dry floors.
  • High quality of Stainless steel is used.
  • Available with or without drip cups.
  • Every system is backed by our generous warranty program, and personal commitment to client’s satisfaction.

Our drinking solution means healthy birds and efficient operation, It consists of drinking elements, pressure regulators, flush breather, suspension material, Main water supply and Water pressure regulator

  • Guarantees correct water pressure and water delivery.
  • End set consists of transparent vent tube and flushing valve.
  • Water pressure can be checked from vent tube.
  • Water control panel.
  • Complete with water meter, pressure regulator with gauges ,filter and by-pass.
  • Connection for mediator.

1.5-Heating Systems

Direct or Indirect Air Heaters:

  • Operated using Gas/Diesel.
  • Available as hanging, mobile and fixe
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Pre-painted galvanized steel frame.
  • Made with first quality materials, designed to last long for grant maximum efficiency.
  • Ready to use and equipped with all necessary attachments.
  • 100% Stainless steel combustion chamber and heat exchange.
  • Wide cover for a complete cleaning.

Infra Red Heaters

Is the best for poultry and agricultural applications.

Air Mixer

  • To eliminate all expected problems of relative humidity increase,CO2,etc.
  • To assure the right heat distribution

1.6- B-Premium & Laying nest

The Premium+® laying nest is designed to produce premium-quality hatching eggs. The hatchability rate of eggs is high thanks to the preserved eggshell quality. Eggs stay perfectly clean and the correct handling of the eggs avoids
damages. The Premium+ laying nest also reduces the amount of floor eggs to a minimum because of the high nest acceptance among birds.

It’s Features


1.7-Cooling System

COLD MAKER is a modular PVC Pad Frame System designed for poultry cooling and greenhouse cooling systems. It is an innovating pad frame system with minimum installation needs.

It’s Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Includes an internal water tank, no need for external water tank
  • The floating system allows automatic water refilling when the water level falls
  • Adjustable length and height due to its modular structure
  • The pads can be easily installed and uninstalled due to the special lock system
  • In systems up to 18m, the pump is installed in the head section. In the middle for longer systems.
  • System includes a drain valve for cleaning at the end of cycle.
  • The pumping system has a capacity of 0.37 kW 12 m3/hr in systems up to 36m.
  • PVC raw material is anti-UV loaded
  • Completely rustproof system
  • More durable than alternative metal frame cooling systems as it is completely made of plastic

1.8 – Ventilation System

At Vostermans Ventilation, we manufacture a wide range of Multifan fans which are specifically designed for agricultural and industrial applications. Known worldwide as being energy efficient and very reliable, the Multifan is the right choice if you’re looking for a ventilation solution you can count on

It’s Features:

  • Low energy consumption.
  • All parts can be recycled.
  • Low level of maintenance and long-life cycle.
  • Different varieties and mounting positions.
  • Low noise level.
  • Different models and different capacities can be supplied

1.9-Lighting systems

Durable lighting solutions for the agricultural sector

Our light is Perfectly designed for BREEDER, BROILER, LAYING HENS Houses , MUSHROOM house, CATT. It has no fluctuation issues and guarantees a perfect LIGHT climate. We took great care in the look and Feel of this light to ensure a maximum animal welfare.

It’s Features:

  • 100% dust and airtight, no influence of ammonia.
  • Watertight to 1 meter below water (IP67)
  • Dimmer capability of lights from 100% down to 0.0%.
  • LED Lamps Very low energy consumption.
  • 48-96 VDC (safe installation).
  • 7-15W.
  • 60,000-hour lifetime.
  • 0 – 100% dimmable.
  • Flicker free, maximum animal welfare.

1.10-Air Inlets & Light Traps

The importance of air inlets is often underestimated. The air inlet is the most important part of every ventilation system. Without proper air inlets, no ventilation system can function satisfactorily. Air inlets are responsible for providing fresh air throughout poultry house and for maintaining a fast inlet air velocity so that good air mixing occurs, providing adequate air circulation. Double L inlets are structured to take warm air from the attic to heat the living area of the poultry house. The poultry inlets help to keep your air clean, lower your heating costs, and improve litter quality.

Static Pressure Air Inlet

Our Air Inlets feature patented counterbalanced louvers that open from the TOP instead of the bottom. Air is directed towards the peak of the house, utilizing the heat collected at the peak. Eliminates curtain and baffle pulley and cable management NOT required with Static Pressure Air Inlet.

Motorized Poultry Air Inlets

The inlet casing is made from high-quality plastic and is therefore resistant to minor displacements of the brickwork. SKOV wall inlets open via pull rod and are held closed by powerful springs ensuring precise closing functionality in all types of weather, including very cold periods.

Light Traps

Made of high quality and resistance material which assure the right reduction performance of light.

Rack & Pinion

Rack & Pinion is a strong and stable system with a good, solid closing mechanism making for a tight door. Rack & Pinion tunnel opening is installed directly in the house wall with cooling pads.

Tunnel Door Light

Tunnel Door Light is a flexible, lightweight system adaptable to most wall thicknesses and door materials. SKOV supply mounting sets to ensure that the air inlet works perfectly.

1.11-Control System

Improving animal performance and optimizing your business operations is much easier with the complete automation solutions. With our controller you are able to control and monitoring of animal housing processes.

  • Ventilation.
  • Humidity.
  • Heating.
  • Cooling.
  • Bird weighing.
  • Feed and water consumption.
  • Lighting.
  • Alarm system.
  • Egg counting.

1.12- Feed silos | Bins

  • Perfectly sealed off silo for secure storage
  • Feed remains fresh
  • User-friendly
  • Centre less auger prevents feed de-mixing
  • Durable material for long

Pneumatic filling

  • The silos are filled by a bulk truck equipped with pneumatic filling system.
  • For this purpose, the silo is equipped with special steel filling pipe and a PVC de-aeriation pipe. The system has been designed to prevent feed de-mixing during filling and to fill the silo to the maximum

Mechanic filling

The silo is equipped with a remote opening mechanism for opening and closing of the silo roof lid. For mechanic filling VDL offers a rigid auger filling system, optionally available with movable support for multiple silo use.

Pneumatic- mechanic filling

Pneumatic- mechanic filling combines the advantages of both filling systems.