Design and Implementation of Steel Works

AGROUE is specialized in Pre-Engineered and structural Steel Buildings; our buildings are suitable for all types of structures such as Warehouses, Industrial factories, hangar, Poultry farms, Bulk storage buildings, Sheds, fuel stations and agricultural structures

Liquid Storage Systems

Liquid storage systems for almost any application:

  • Storage of potable and rainwater.
  • Storage of industrial liquids.
  • Agriculture, Farms, Plantations (Manure Storage).
  • Industrial Applications.
  • General Water Supply (residential or public use).
  • Fishponds at fish-hatcheries.
  • Schools, Hospitals, Fire Departments.
  • Army Camps, UN Organizations and its sister agencies (UNICEF…ETC.),Military operations.
  • Recreational/ Theme Parks, Hotels, Resorts.
  • Mega-mall, Shopping centers.